Coordination & Management

WP1: Coordination & Management

This WP is aimed to manage and coordinate the project and make sure that it is implemented as planned, managed following the EC rules and procedures.
The coordination role, assumed by the project leader, is intended to:
coordinate the action transversally and vertically:
- supervise the design and implementation of the single work packages, supporing WP leaders,
- supervise vertically the work carried out in each WP ensuring the expected deadlines and deliverables are met;
- ensure a steady information on WP progress;
- monitor transversally the compliance of each partner and assess whether the activities are balanced or not, and in this case allowing to jeopardize the performance of the partners in the other WPs.
- Guarantee quality working procedures, oriented to results and aims, transparent and balanced within the transnational consortium;
- design a General Working Plan for the JA and coordinate specific working plans within each WP;
- ensure a permanent and transparent communication within the consortium, and dynamise JA implementation
- motivating all partner organisations for guaranteeing a balanced participation, avoiding any inactivity during specific periods of the JA life.

WP1 will carry out the following activities:
Task 1.1- Organization of general plenary coordination meetings, where Steering Committee will convene: Kick- off (M2), intermediate meetings (M18) and final meeting (M36); interim WP meetings for reaching agreements on specific issues, developing work, and exchanging relevant information, including working progress will be held by conference calls. The final meeting will take place together with the final dissemination conference.
Task 1.2 Project working bodies (Project Committee will be constituted by all partners involved in the Consortium; WPs Steering Committee will be composed of the members of the coordination unit and the leaders of the WPs, being this Steering Committee an operational body for collective decision-making and reporting on the execution of the project).
Task 1.3 A Manual for the financial and administrative management of the JA will be prepared and circulated among partner, where the different reporting periods will be defined, along with management and financial rules and procedures (M4).
The General Management team will include two scientific managers, CNT and CNS General Directors, that will have overall responsibility for the whole joint action, two project management experts, a senior biologist team leader and a senior haematologist leader plus two technical coworkers. Project managers will supervise all the actions and works performed and steer the coordination team/unit.
The whole team, constituted by CNT-CNS staff, will monitor the progress of the Joint Action transversally and vertically, will establish communication with the steering committee on a regular basis, will report to the Directors of the Joint Action.

Expected Deliverables
MD 1 Progress Technical and Financial Periodic Report (Month 18)
MD 2 Final Technical and Financial report (Month 36)
D 1.1 Financial manual (Month 4)

Coordinator (WP1 Leader): Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS – CNT – CNS), Italy



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