Disssemination & Communication

WP2: Dissemination & Communication

The overall objective is to identify and reach the target audience and stakeholders, including EU and national policy makers, academic institutes, professional associations, end users and the public, in order to raise their awareness regarding the findings of the consortium and to encourage them to support and adopt the commendations on the “Authorisation of preparation processes in blood and tissues and cells”. More specifically, the objectives of WP2 are:
- To define and establish the consortium’s dissemination and communication strategy.
- To define and reach the target audience and stakeholders at the level of institutions, professional societies,
policy makers and final users.
- To raise awareness of the target audience, stakeholders and community in general, as regards the project
- To provide the means for dissemination and communication of the JA actions and outputs

Description of work, lead partner and role of applicants
WP2 is dedicated to the dissemination of the action and its deliverables. Dissemination refers to the process of making the results and deliverables of the action available to the stakeholders and a wider audience.
Here all actions planned to ensure that the results and deliverables will be made available to the stakeholders and can be used by them will be described. WP2 activities will include the development of the dissemination plan, a stakeholder analysis, identification of target groups, adequacy of channels used to reach them, and actions to ensure proper visibility of European Union co-funding.
The dissemination strategy should pay attention to the transfer of knowledge and to the processes needed for embedding and future take-up. The sustainability of the dissemination actions will be properly addressed.
The Dissemination WP team will include two Project Managers (one from Papageorgiou General Hospital and one from the 7th Health Region Greece) who will have the overall responsibility of the WP, one project mananger expert who will support and monitor all dissemination activities, two haematologists experienced in preparation processes on blood, tissues and cells, two highly qualified administrators, two administration staff, three information technology experts and one web graphic designer. The whole team consists of the staff of the Papageorgiou General Hospital and the 7th Health Region/University Hospital of Heraklionand two subcontractors (the project manager dissemination expert and the graphic designer). An experienced conference organizer will be also subcontracted for the final conference organization

Expected Deliverables
MD3 Layman Brochure will promote the action and will be produced at the beginning of the project (M3)
MD4 Layman version of the final report (M36)
MD5 Project Website (M4)
D2.1 - Dissemination & Communication Strategic Plan ver.1.0 (M4)
D2.2 – Newsletters (M9 – M18 – M27 – M36)
D2.3 - Final Dissemination and Communication report (M 36)
D2.4 – Multi-stakeholder Conference (M36)

WP2 Leaders: Papageorgiou General Hospital - 7th Health Region of Crete


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