WP3: Evaluation

This WP aims to ensure that the project is being implemented as planned, reaches its objectives and produces high quality deliverables, especially monitoring activities within the WP5-WP10, e.g. for all meetings and training events under such WPs, questionnaires will be distributed to ascertain how participants evaluated the usefulness and organisation of the event. To achieve the aim, beside other activities WP leader will attend relevant project events according to the evaluation plan. In addition, an evaluation of whether project outputs fit the purpose will be carried out. The evaluation WP will also take advantage of the contribution of an External Advisory Board to be set up at the beginning of the Action. The Board will be involved in plenary meetings and will deliver inputs for both deliverables and evaluation reports for this WP. The composition of the EAB will take into account the different fields covered by this JA in terms of expertise and therefore is going to be made of 6 experts; one expert for each SoHO field (blood, tissues and ART), one expert for TTD testing, one expert for microbiology (sterilisation and pathogen inactivation issues) and one expert in clinical trials.)

Description of work, lead partner and role of applicants
The progressive achievements of Action activities and quality of deliverables will be continuously monitored and reported to the PPM. All associated partners and project events participants will contribute to the work of the WP3 by providing their own evaluation of all events attended. EAB will give expertise within their competences in evaluation of specific scientific/expert issues addressed in events and outputs of the Action where such an expertise is applicable.
The work will be carried out in two aspects: internal and external evaluation.
Within all relevant project’s events (including outputs) following elements will be evaluated:
-organisational elements (venue, traveling organisation, accommodation and related information…),
-technical elements (core materials and information flow, course, content and goal of the event, etc) and
- professional/scientific elements (deliverables).
The WP leader will produce an interim and final report, with executive summary shared with internal and external stakeholders. The final evaluation report will be focused on the outcomes and the reached objectives but also on the impact of the Action having in focus particularly sustainability of outcomes. Evaluation reports will be a standing item on Steering Committee meeting agendas, ensuring that quality of outputs in both means accuracy and contemporaneity is always a top priority.
At the beginning of the project, in cooperation with EAB where applicable, will be defined sets of indicators according to SMART criteria (paying in particular attention to have quantifiable indicators wherever possible) to assess performance. Set of indicators will be established for each specific objective of the project and will comprise:
- Output indicators linked to results
- Impact indicators linked to objectives
For single deliverable quality and applicability will be assessed based on, for example, following quality indicators:
- timelines of outputs
- comprehensiveness of collected data
- critical/analytical nature of conclusions
- clarity of conclusions/proposals
- realistic nature of conclusions/proposals
- adequacy of MS representation
- clarity of information presented and recorded.
- enabling analysis and grading
- reasonably short (up to 10 questions)
- simple language
- minimal likelihood of misunderstanding
- close ended format (fixed answer set)
- dichotomous questions (yes/no) preferred
- requests for narrative answers avoided
- even number rating scale (to avoid "golden middle" answers)
- opportunity for expressing opinion (one open ended question)
and harmonized WP3 outputs. To achieve that leader and EAB will have 2 technical meetings which can be organized as video/teleconference if considered appropriate or back-to back to other project event (such as technical or plenary meeting for example).

Expected Deliverables
D3.1: Final evaluation plan, including setting up of EAB (M6)
Plan: description of the evaluation system
D3.2: Intermediate evaluation report (M18)
Report: produced on the basis of continuous evaluation of activities and outputs during evaluation period
D3.3: Final evaluation report (M36)
Report: produced on the basis of continuous evaluation and outputs during project

WP3 Leader: The Ministry of Human Capacities (Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma)


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