The key target groups for this action are the EU Competent Authorities for Blood and for Tissues and Cells in all EU MS as well as TE inspectors. The involvement of professional societies that can contribute with their highly specialized technical skills to the updating of technical requirements for preparation processes whenever necessary will also be taken into account, in order to foster collaboration and synergy. Sharing of authorisation data and outcomes, if achieved, will bring efficiencies in the context of Member States implementing enhanced processes that have already been authorized in other Member States. Relevant NGOs, medical professionals and the general public will also be given proper attention, by developing tailored messages, disseminated through the most proper channels.

The action will have an impact on blood and tissue establishments that undergo accreditation/designation/authorisation/licensing processes; specifically, blood and tissue establishments will appreciate the benefit of a clear, agreed-upon, harmonised approach to this issue and they will have reciprocal advantages in enhancing their technical and organisational skills by comparing the best practices in the fields of blood, tissues and cells. Some MS will have the opportunity to learn from other MS where regulatory systems may be consolidated in this particular field. Eventually the different target groups would get a better understanding of how to play their role in this specific activity.

The sharing of expertise and development of clear guidance will result in the provision of safer and better quality blood, tissue and cell healthcare services to patients in the EU, thanks also to a better attention for impact on patients undergoing treatment with novel therapeutical approaches. In this regard all patient transfusion, tissue or cell transplantation or assisted reproduction treatment will be targeted for quality improvement by this action. The general impact will be beneficial for EU citizens that would be better guaranteed as far as access to harmonised healthcare throughout the Union is concerned, especially in a field open to possible technical and scientific advances.


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