Experts’ training, a knowledge-sharing platform and the standardisation of quality and safety of blood, tissues and cells in the EU demonstrated by GAPP JA and the European Commission at ESHRE Annual Meeting

GAPP Joint Action (JA) participates at ESHRE’s Virtual 37th Annual Meeting on June 26th – July 1st, 2021 which brings together a wide spread of participants and industry from across the world.

The event serves as an excellent platform to communicate the work that is carried out on:

  • EU-level tools for authorization procedures for preparation processes at Blood and Tissue Establishments, to support harmonization and innovation
  • a concept model for a European knowledge-sharing platform that can support Competent Authorities in the assessment and evaluation of novel preparation processes of products
  • an international network of experts that can support CAs in the assessment and evaluation of preparation processes of products, trained by the GAPP Joint Action

The practical outcomes and guidelines of GAPP JA are integral for the quality and safety of blood, tissues and cell recipients in the EU and highlight the need for regular updating according to the evolution of research, therapeutics and information technologies, which offer solutions on maintaining guidelines up-to-date, easily accessible and transparent.

GAPP JA guidelines on quality/safety of donor testing and the assessment of clinical data are available online:
Assessing the quality and safety of donor testing, pathogen reduction and sterilisation steps as part of Preparation Process Authorisation (PPA)

Assessing clinical data as part of Preparation Process Authorisation (PPA)

Furthermore, starting June 28th, 2021 GAPP JA offers a 3-month Advanced Training Course of 5 modules and two live sessions on ‘Common Approaches to PPA Authorisation in the blood, tissues and cells, and MAR sectors’ addressed to European experienced inspectors and assessors.

This work combined together with the upcoming EU legislation on blood, tissues and cells marks a stepping stone for the improvement of practices and the safety of BTC recipients in Europe.

GAPP JA joins forces with the European Commission and exhibit at the virtual booth accessible online

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