EBMT Annual Meeting 2021

GAPP JA participates at #EBMT21 with insights on novel PPA processes for blood, tissues and cells across the EU, including clinical data assessment and new knowledge sharing platforms

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GAPP JA participates at the 47th Annual EBMT Meeting taking place on 14th -17th March 2021. During the four-day virtual event the GAPP JA Action booth will feature, serving as a spot to share insights on the latest developments on the Authorisation of Preparation Process (PPA) for blood, tissues and cell establishments across the EU.

Visitors will be able to get informed on innovative processes under development, and the benefits of these technologies available to patients, contributing to greater assurance of safe and effective blood transfusion and transplantation. Information will be shared on:

  • EU level tools and assessing the quality and safety of donor/donation testing, pathogen reduction and sterilisation steps
  • assessing clinical data as part of the PPA
  • the knowledge sharing platform to support EU Competent Authorities (CAs) in the assessment and evaluation of novel preparation processes of products
  • the future manual and e-learning training course for CAs
  • GAPP’s new task to adapt the Good Tissue and Cell Practices tool (EUROGTPII) for assessing risks associated to blood, including novel tissues/cells and the development of a new e-learning platform

Furthermore, our team of researchers and experts will be there to discuss and exchange views on topics as haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) and cell therapies.

GAPP JA most recent publications and recommendations are available online:
Assessing clinical data as part of Preparation Process Authorisation (PPA)

Assessing the quality and safety of donor testing, pathogen reduction and sterilisation steps as part of Preparation Process Authorisation (PPA)

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About GAPP_JA:  The Action aims at facilitating the development of a common and optimal approach to assess and authorise preparation processes in Blood and Tissues Establishments throughout Europe, contributing to the harmonisation of procedures related to Blood, Tissue and Cell therapies among Member States ensuring the safety and effectiveness of these treatments.
The EU Joint Action is funded from the EU Health Programme (2014-2020) and involves 16 EU Member States, 2 non-EU with representatives from Competent Authorities, Scientific Societies and Blood, Tissues and Cells Establishments, 24 beneficiaries and 15 collaborating stakeholders.

About EBMT: The #EBMT21 brings together more than 6,700 delegates from 89 countries along with a diverse scientific programme on current challenges of haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) and cell therapy. The programme structure includes a variety of sessions as well as dedicated days including a Meet-the-Experts session, a Patient, Family and Donor Day, and the EBMT-WMDA Transplant and Search Coordinators Day.